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Spielstabil - Baby Sand Bucket

  • 1695

This bucket especially designed with babies in mind is a flexible, yet sturdy bucket that won’t crack when bent. It includes two rattles on the handle to entertain the baby. It also includes a small scoop appropriately sized for toddlers hands. When bucket is filled and dumped upside down a baby foot print appears in the sand. 

Made In Germany

Spielstabil is a third-generation family business that has made toys in Germany since 1919 – nearly 100 years ago. HABA USA is proud to be the exclusive importer and distributor for Spielstabil toys and products in the United States.

Exhaustive testing by the toughest, most critical customers, kindergarteners, puts Spielstabil under the scrutiny of young people having fun, or better said 5 years olds in their first year of formal education in most cultures worldwide. Spielstabil sets their standards high. Their products are ergonomically designed for the small hands of babies and toddlers. Materials, shapes, and colors are carefully chosen to attract and entertain young children. The products are soft and easy to clean to ensure their safety and cleanliness.

Before the toys are made, Spielstabil carefully selects only materials that are safe and environmentally friendly. You’ll never find PVC, BPA, PAK or Phthalate in them, and whenever possible, Spielstabil uses recycled materials to cut down on needless waste in landfills. That’s why Spielstabil products are consistently top-rated by both children’s and environmental groups throughout the world including Dr. Toy, the nova Institute and the International Conference on Industrial Biotechnology. 

Kindergarten-tested Spielstabil products are food-safe and suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. They’re virtually indestructible and come with a 3-year guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. From design through production and packaging, Spielstabil is committed to continuous improvement.

Spielstabil isn’t just about the children, either. They understand that parents want safe toys that not only entertain their youngsters, but educate them as well. That’s why Spielstabil toys are designed to stimulate young minds, both indoors and out.

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