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Substance - Leg & Back Creme

Substance - Leg & Back Creme

  • 2095

w/ organic arnica, st. john’s wort, & lemongrass  
120 ml / 4 oz

With the added weight that baby brings, pressure builds on the lower limbs. Swollen, tired, legs, back, ankles, and feet follow. Substance Mom & Baby offers our Leg & Back Creme, an invigorating lotion to help you feel light on your feet again! 

An expert herbal blend of St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, and Arnica has been infused in a skin -softening base of Castor and Evening Primrose Oil. Added to this is a stimulating, exotic blend of Lemongrass, Dill, Basil, Rosemary and Black Pepper. Result; pure bliss!

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